Revered in Italian spheres, Alca Impianti Tecnologici is a company involved in the design and implementation of work in the electrical, thermo-mechanical and renewable sectors.

A powerful national presence has enabled the company to build strong and trustworthy relationships with both clients and providers- establishing proactive relationships that have led them to go beyond the confines of national borders, demonstrating the company’s true value in international markets.




Established as a means of defining the requirements for a Quality Management system for organizations; the ISO 9001 certification is used in private and public sectors to improve faith in products and services provided by companies.
The SOA is a Certification that qualifies companies to participate in public calls for tender for work and price rankings, both of which are measured by the company’s experience and abilities as demonstrated to the attestation body.

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The Alca Impianti Tecnologici experience is both greatly satisfying and successful. An undeniable quality along with the SOA and ISO 9001 certifications and cooperation with carefully selected providers and collaborators, are at the heart of every aspect of Alca's work.


Alca Impianti Tecnologici prides itself on a respect for delivery times. A result born from the perfect interaction between company representatives who are coordinated by a technically sophisticated and specialised office – capable of directing projects from their birth through to delivery.


The continuous update of working, technological and training systems for personnel is a fundamental aspect for companies looking for well-developed specializations and the ability to remain a competitor in an ever-demanding market.


Security in the work place and the management of waste according to the strictest legislative norms are just the visible aspects of an entire company process borne from Alca Impianti Tecnologici's fundamental sense of responsibility in the light of those who work for us and for those sharing the planet.