14 Aug | Alca Impianti continues to expand and is opening a new office in Trentino.

After 35 years of success, Alca Impianti will be replicating the company structure that has led to its current growth in Trentino, taking advantage of the technical experience of two of the largest organisations in Trentino – one in the thermo-hydraulic sector and the other in the field of electrical installations: Bertolini Impianti and OCEA.

Bertolini Impianti has worked in both private and public thermo-hydraulic technology sectors in Trentino for more than 140 years, involved in the installation of heating, air-conditioning, hydraulic, fire-extinguishing protection and gas transportation installations..

OCEA has been a point of reference as an institution in Trento and the region as a whole for over half a century. Working in design, maintenance and the installation of electrical, civil and industrial installations at low and medium voltage.

Alca Impianti will be implementing its winning formula in Trentino by harnessing a high level of professionalism and decades of specialisation in electrical, thermo-mechanical and renewable energy sectors.

It’s thanks to these steps that Alca Impianti is always capable of satisfying ever-increasing market needs in Trentino. Alca’s ability to have three areas that work in unison, coordinated by a highly specialised and technical office allows them to expand project areas, thus optimising their production for the overall best technical and economic performance.

Gruppo Alca will be realising its potential in Trentino on the 16th July 2014: Bertolini OCEA Impianti Srl.