14 Aug | Far-reaching Alca Impianti establishes networks – Kogit 2014

Alca Impianti, a company with big character and purpose and invested in the company’s own abilities, has chosen to expand the geographical limits of its professionalism and become a part of Kogit.

Kogit is an Italian General Contractor that unites some of the best Italian industrial and construction companies, as well as providing engineering, supplies, construction and installation services in both the public and private sectors in Italy and overseas. The resulting combination is exceptional design and high quality project management capabilities characterised by an Italian taste for design and quality.

Alca Impianti’s choices come from a set of principles that have guided the company from the very beginning, in particular the belief that only those who believe in doing their best, overcoming problems and expanding can truly continue to build their futures.

Building a network of companies with an international spirit is a great challenge with many potential great opportunities and Alca Impianti is ready to make the most of them.